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School of the Arts Academy

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The School of the Arts drives instruction through a distinctive arts integration model. Career pathways are identified that foster creativity, critical thinking and collaboration.

Vision Statement
All students experience instruction through a unique personal lens that involves cross curriculum project based learning activities in the media and fine arts that are connected to core subject areas and career pathways.

Mission Statement
Art drives instruction in all SOTA core classes. All students have multiple opportunities to participate in performance based activities in order to excel and graduate. Teachers provide students with continual support and guidance.

Room: N216
Phone Number: (323) 373-2537


NamePosition & SubjectEmailRoom
Shobe, ChristopherAsssitant Principalcds9989lausd.netN216
Martinez, ElizabethCounselore.martinez2lausd.netN216
Alvarez, YanelieOffice Technicianyanelie.alvarezlausd.netN216
Banuelos, BrendaCounselorbxb5054lausd.netN005
Barajas, JessicaTeacher, Alt. Curriculumjessica.seamanlausd.netN214
Beck, LasondraTeacher, PElbecklausd.netN236
Bohamed, ClaudeTeacher, RSPclaude.bohamedlausd.netN238
Clark, RaymondTeacher, Historyrxc3291lausd.netN234
Galindo, MarioTeacher, ELAmgalindolausd.netN236
Gersdorff, StevenTeacher, ELAskg0443lausd.netN215
Gonzalez, VanessaTeacher, ELDvanessa.j.gonzalezlausd.netN320
Hackett, SarahSpecial Education Coord.sarah.hackettlausd.netN025
Jansen, NataliaTeacher, Artsnatalia.jansenlausd.netW145
Lee, MichelleTeacher, Artsmichelle.m.leelausd.netS002
Lopez, SandraCounselor, Attendancesel6736lausd.netN036
Park, SophiaTeacher, Sciencesophia.parklausd.netS201
Patterson, KimberlyTeacher, Mathk.pattersonlausd.netS205
Reyes, FranciscoTeacher, Artsfrancisco.f.reyeslausd.netW229
Reyes, JuliaTeacher, ELAjulia.a.reyeslausd.netS215
Rios, CeilaTeacher, HIstorycxr8395lausd.netN206
Shih, GraceTeacher, Mathgrace.shihlausd.netN233
Sims, StephenTeacher, Sciencestephen.simslausd.netS202
Williams, MarcusTeacher, CTE/ROPmarcus.williamslausd.netN235

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Mr. Galindo

Core-Subject Class Descriptions

Science Department
Biology, Chemistry, and Physics courses in the School of the Arts at West Adams Preparatory High School are enhanced through the use of many different art forms. SOTA students engage in art projects to help demonstrate and apply their knowledge. Visual and multimedia arts, including sound, light, color, and digital media design, are an integral part of how students relate to the scientific content they are studying. Students engage in hands-on activities involving tactile and kinesthetic experiences and the use of multi-sensory materials to enhance instruction. Visual thinking strategies are also used to help guide instruction and tap into prior knowledge, encouraging students to incorporate 21st century skills by actively employing contemporary media and technology.

English Department
The English department uses a variety of arts integration stategies to drive instruction including, yet not limited to: Gallery Walks, Artistic Rendering and Displaying of posters, book jackets, movie ads and brochures, short film movie-making and Cinematic Arts analysis, creative writing, scripts and playwriting, Comic Strip Art, and Visual Thinking Strategies.

Social Science Department
In the Social Science Department, teachers incorporate the use of multimedia art in a historical context. Teaching strategies include: visuals, graphics, video, music, and current events. Students demonstrate their content knowledge by creating multimedia projects that exhibit historical context.

Non-Core Class Descriptions

Marching Band
The West Adams Panther Marching Unit is made up of students from Advanced Band, Beginning Band, and Marching Dynamic Students. The band is the most notable performance group on campus and performs at several functions such as Football Games, Pep Rallies, and competitions.

AP Music
This is a college level rigorous course. The students focus on musicianship, theory, melodic and harmonic dictation, and 4 part writing. In addition, the AP Music class will form the Pit Orchestra for the Spring Musical

Digital Imaging 1AB
Digital Imaging 1AB is an introduction to graphic design emphasizing in the use of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator as introductory creative tools. In this course students become familiar with vector and raster graphics. They learn to apply new and fundamental skills to create, edit, and manipulate digital images.

The photography course provides students with technical instruction and practical experience. Instruction includes the history of photography, composition, basics of image exposure, techniques for processing, and the care and use of photography equipment. The class also covers portfolio creation/evaluation and career exploration/employability skills.

Physical Education
The Physical Education department will be using a few different strategies to incorporate Art into our curriculum. Visual strategies to help students see themselves doing an activity in their mind before they actually preform it and using technology to analogize movement they are doing. Plus, learning about dance.

Physical Education will be using many different strategies to incorporate art into the curriculum. Visual, Technolonical, dance and drawing to name a few.

Intro to Theatre
Intro to Theatre class is designed to introduce students to all elements of theatre and play production. The class is designed to help students be more successful in the core subjects by helping them acquire subject specific vocabulary, improve their communication and analytical skills by engaging in observations, hands on experience and critiques of various play productions and activities. Students explore elements of acting, directing, producing, and technical theatre. As they learn about pantomime, improvisation, character analysis, dramaturgy, historical research, and all design elements, they engage in project based learning, discussions and writing tasks that improve their self-confidence and provide opportunities for developing their individual artistic creativities.

Theatre Company and Theatre Production
Theatre Company and Theatre Production Courses are designed to help our students be more successful in the core subjects by enhancing their vocabulary, critical thinking, analytical and creative skills as well as communication skills. As students explore the elements of theatre production, they learn through hands on experiences by taking on the roles of actors, directors, producers and designers. They learn how to read and break down the text. They use their imagination and life experience to interpret the text and then create a character that is authentic and real. Students learn how to read the script, do research on the social, political economic and historical context of the play in order to create meaningful designs and create believable characters in a live performance. Students have an opportunity to collaborate and work as a team, to take on leadership roles as stage managers, house managers and production staff. They learn about publicity and advertisement and all business elements of a successful play production and learn how to be confident, public speakers and creative artists.

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